Monday, June 15, 2009

we beat the streets #5

*i think its better 2 have friends that have the same ideas and interests
*i was surprised the guy with the gun let Sampson just walk away w.o giving him the 2 dollars.
*everybody who Sampson hangs out with tries to get him to do drugs or sell drugs.
*i am glad Sampson didn't sell the drugs but he could've said no in the beginning.
*i would've told spud to take all drugs and give me the money i had at 1st but Sampson said take it all.
*how did rameck end up hanging with George and Sampson if he didn't want friends?
*what happened to frank when Sampson walked away from the guy w. the gun?
*why didn't Sampson just celebrate his birthday with George and rameck?
*how many siblings did Sampson have?
*tromped-to defeat soundly; trounce
*vague- not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed
*zonked-stupefied by or as if by alcohol or drugs; high
Literary terms
*imagery- i could picture the drug house with so
Much drugs and big men with guns
*ironic- that every time Sampson says no to drugs someone else asks him again.
Overall statement
*this was about Sampson and pressure to do drugs.

we beat the streets #4

*i liked how they added Sampson and George in the convo as if they weren't part of the book.
*remecks old friends were clearly trouble makers and rameck kept being with them.
*i was surprised that the beat up only 1 boy on the bus instead of all of them.
* i bet after the shooting rameck stopped hanging with his hood friends b.c it was 2 dangerous.
*i think society today is the same where its norm to do the wrong instead of the right.
*who would purposely not make any friends?
*why didn't the bus driver call the 911 when the Arlington boys got on the bus?
*did anyone get shot when they got to Drea's house?
*how do you FORGE a bond with people?
*regally-befitting or resembling a king
*bravado-a pretentious, swaggering display of courage
*valiant-Possessing valor; brave.
Literary terms
*imagery- i could picture rameck acting as a old man in powder.
*ironic- that plainfeild people were considered plain people.
Overall statement
*this was about rameck 1st at his play then next on the street fighting almost getting killed.

we beat the streets #3

*it was funny when Sampson lied to his friend that he flunked math and sci when he really got an A
*i know a lot of parents who expect more of their children b.c they never got a chance.
*the kid that was speeding through the test might not have been smart he could have just guessed.
*i would have never guessed that the boy Sampson talked 2 was Dr. George J. What a coincidence.
*i think its stupid too just to fail on purpose.
*when did Sampson mum drop out of school?
*when did they decide to make a book?
*back then why couldn't people be smart and cool?
*what every happen to the teacher thought called Sampson lazy and a failure?
*deterrent-serving or tending to deter
*BLUSTERY-to be loud, noisy, or swaggering; utter loud, empty menaces or protests
*blaze- a bright flame or fire
Literary terms
*ironic-that they thought that losers were smart but at the same time he thought losers were failers.
*imagery-i could picture George and Sampson talking and then later their best friends.
Overall statement
*this was about when George and Sampson both went to take a test and met each other, and they didn't even know they would later be best friends,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we beat the streets #2

*this section was on Rameck Hunt when he was 9 years old and started when he was in the principals office for the third time that week.
*i bet the nun felt bad when im the future she found out that Rameck was more successful then she was, becasue she told him that he would go anywhere in life.
*on the block going to a cathelic school meant you was rich but in the school he was thought of as poor. wow...
*then it was about George Jenkins and when he was 8 years old in school and this lady said his school was in the ghetto and everyone got upset and walked away.
*i noticed that all three boys dont live close together but have similar lives. they love school but always get in trouble.
*if rameck told the nun that the work was easy and that he always finishes first why would they put him in speacial ed?
*when they said the door opened and they stopped fighting, who was at the door?
*when was the Black Plague?
*why wouldnt miss johnson say something when the lady insulted them?
*dysfunctional-malfunctionind of a organ or a element
*combated- to fight or contend against
*embroidery- the act of embroidered
literary terms
*irony- the nun said the boys who casue interuptions wont be successful but he is.
*imagery- i could picture misss johnson talking in her high pitch voice.
overview statement
*this was about rameck hunt and george jenkins as kids and how they love school but there was someone that just ticked them off

Friday, May 29, 2009

we beat the streets #1

-The 1st section of this book was about Sampson Davis at age 6.
-When they introduced Sampson's big brother i thought he was like 18 but then i found out he was 10.
-When they were talking about drug deals & muggings,when they said it was ususual i was suprised because when i was 6 i didnt know what those were.
-i thought it was AWESOME when they mentioned the Beth Israel Hospital because i was born there.
-i thought it was funny how Andre got beat 4 what Sampson did & sampson got the spot light.
-where's Sampson's dad?
-how can Andre get disgusted with how the park looked when he spits & throws crash on his street?
-did they go 2 the Beth Israel Hospital in boston?
-How long did Sampson keep the cast on?
-slats-a long thin narrow wood or metal
-slab-a thick solid piece of anything, like stone
-riveted-a metal pin for passing in one or more wholes, for holding them together.
Literary terms
-imagery- i could picture sampsons foot all bloody & crippled
-imagery- i could picture andre yelling at sampson 4 not being able to hold the stone but it took andre and his 3 friends just to do it after him
overall statement
-this was about Samspon Davis when he was 6 yearas opld and how he brfokke his foot when he was following his brother and his freinds and when he went to the doctors he was fascinated with the utensils and thats where his inspiration to be a doctor came from.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the killer angels #10

*i thought either Longstreet,Lee or Chamberlain where going to die.
*i wonder if Longstreet is going to get depressed again.
*they said the army men looked gray and cold and sick, i think the war is slowly ending.
*they said the mean were crying was it because someone died because i think they were just tired of fighting
*why didn't anyone die if its a battle?
*why was it so hard for him to pray if he wanted to?
*what is Longstreet going to do now that he feels the battle is over?
*why were the men crying?
*trilogy-a series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the like
*unsparing-lenient or mercifull
*bawled-to cry or wail lustily
Literary terms
*metaphor- his mind was a bloody vacancy.
*metaphor- the battle dissolve to a nightmare.
Overall Statement
*this was about the end of the war and all the men were crying together and Longstreet was getting depressed again.

the killer angels #9

*i didn't know Hankcock was alive during this period.
*i didn't get when Chamberlain said he smelt coffee and it remind him of chicken.
*its a lot for someone to walk around painfully, sleepily,and still walk.
*it was descriptive when they said he didn't shave,shower or change clothes.
*it was funny when i pictured the old crusty stork munching on a chicken leg.
*did Hancock the movie get its name from this Hancock?
*chamberlain said he smelt coffee it remind him of chicken,how?
*where is Bowdoin?
*whats the "bubble reputation in the cannons mouth"?
*rigging-the ropes, chains, etc., employed to support and work the masts, yards, sails, etc., on a ship.
*blearily-indistinct; unclear
*splotched-a large, irregular spot; blot; stain; blotch.
Literary Terms
*imagery- i could picture the old stork eating chicken and everyone looking at him.
*imagery- i could picture Chamberlains face when he found out Lawrence died.
Overall statement
*was about Lawrence and chamberlain walking around talking about new things.